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  1. "I Like Red Dogs" and MarioKart (all grades, JHS 1st grade)
  2. "I will..." Sentence Memory Match
  3. "Interview Game" activity (all grades and levels)
  4. 5th Grade, How many~?
  5. 5th grade, Alphabet Soup
  6. 5th grade, Alphabets
  7. 5th grade, Alphabets Review
  8. 5th grade, Awesome Fun Phrase and T-Shirt Picture Drawing Learnin’ Time
  9. 5th grade, Classes and Days of Week
  10. 5th grade, Color/Shapes Practice
  11. 5th grade, Country Pamphlet Activity
  12. 5th grade, Days of the Week
  13. 5th grade, Fashion Designer
  14. 5th grade, Finishing the lesson with a Creative activity and review activity
  15. 5th grade, Hello, Everyone. Lesson plan in japanese
  16. 5th grade, Hi Friends 1, Lesson 5 - Finishing the lesson with a Creative activity and review activity
  17. 5th grade, How many? Janken!
  18. 5th grade, Let's find/say the alphabet!
  19. 5th grade, Let's make a restaurant
  20. 5th grade, My Dream Schedule
  21. 5th grade, School Restaurant
  22. 5th grade, Upper Case Alphabet
  23. 5th grade, What's This?
  24. 5th grade, What do you like?
  25. 5th grade, What would you like?
  26. 5th grade, What’s This?
  27. 5th grade, When is your Birthday?
  28. 6th grade, Alphabet Fish
  29. 6th grade, Can and Can't
  30. 6th grade, Directions Lesson
  31. 6th grade, Giving Directions - Fukuwarai Game
  32. 6th grade, Go Straight Suikawari
  33. 6th grade, I Can Put on a Puppet Show!
  34. 6th grade, I want to go to
  35. 6th grade, Lesson 5-2 (National Flags)
  36. 6th grade, Lesson Plan High Friends 2 Lesson 5 – First day
  37. 6th grade, Let's Go To
  38. 6th grade, Let's Go To!
  39. 6th grade, Let's Go To Italy
  40. 6th grade, Let's Go to Italy
  41. 6th grade, Let's Go to Italy ~ using the computer room
  42. 6th grade, Let's Practice Directions
  43. 6th grade, Making English "passports" (Lesson 6, but reviews material from all lessons)
  44. 6th grade, One Direction
  45. 6th grade, Sell a Country
  46. 6th grade, Verb Review
  47. 6th grade, What time is it?
  48. 6th grade, When Is Your Birthday?
  49. 6th grade, Where do you want to go? I want to go to Italy to see/to eat…
  50. 6th grade, Where is the Supermarket?

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