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Name of Teacher: Charlie Fieseler

Class/Grade/Language Level: Mostly low level, but some classes were lower-intermediate

Textbook and specific lesson: There was a textbook lesson on telling stories, but this class was only generally related

Goal: To tell a story. This involves practice of the written grammar, and generally using English in a creative way. Note that for me, this class was for a once-a-month school.

Preparation: I used a video (Harry Potter Puppet Pals) to introduce my example story, which would have to be downloaded. In that case, a projector and speakers should be prepared as well. However, just the worksheet and some acting or possibly a powerpoint works as well.

Class time: I used 50 min, but it could be done shorter, around 30 min. This is my lesson plan for the full class:

5 min. Introduce the harry potter characters if they don't know them.
Have a simple conversation asking "Which Harry Potter character do you like?”
Warm-up. ALT and JTE will demonstrate the conversation.
5-10 min. Introduce the game with the example story, and check vocab. Show the Harry Potter puppet pals video. ALT will introduce, and ALT and JTE will check understanding.
10 min. Play the game! Each pass of the story should be about 1-2 min depending on the level of the class. ALT and JTE will walk around and help with vocabulary.
10 min. The students will read their stories, check any words with the person who wrote them, and then read them out loud to their group. Each group will select a best story to read to the class. ALT and JTE will help with pronunciation or anything as needed.
15 min. If there is enough time, each group should assign roles for each of the characters in the best story, and do some acting.
Otherwise, they should simply read their story in front of the class after writing any new words up on the board.
ALT and JTE will help with pronunciation or anything as needed.

Example Stories:
Hard Story
Easy Story