Storytelling Time

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Name of Teacher: Chiri Davis

Class/Grade/Language Level: Mainly Elementary 6th grade, but flexible for JHS and HS students

Textbook and specific lesson: Idea based on the Momotaro’s story

Goal: I hope from this lesson students are able to build on their creativity using pre-made stories from various lessons.

Preparation: A list of vocabulary they have already learned with a few new ones from a dictionary and a story with easy to change characters and places.

Class time: About 30-45 minutes

Students will spend the beginning of the class reading a story that has been read and understood from previous lessons. In groups of three or 4 they will change only key characters, places, and items in the story in order to develop their own unique one. Teachers should walk around assisting with vocabulary. Because the lesson is long presentation time will need to be set-aside until next the next lesson. Before that students should practice out loud in their groups.