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Name of Teacher: Sara Brown
Class/Grade/Language Level: Senior High School, Low level
Textbook and specific lesson: Christmas Lesson
Goal: To review "I want (thing)" and "I want to (verb)", and teach students about the real Santa-san!
Preparation: Make handouts, review with JTE Santa-san Handout
Class time: 45 minutes

The text reads:

This is Saint Nicholas.

He lived in Europe from 270-346 AD. He was very kind, especially to children.

He always gave presents to poor children.

After he died, many Europeans remembered Saint Nicholas.

They gave presents to children on December 6th every year.

Now, they give presents on December 25th.

The day of giving presents has changed!

Saint Nicholas' name has also changed. Do you know his new name?

We started with the "Do You Know This Man" side and had students read the story out loud, checking their understanding at appropriate intervals after going over the word list to the side. Katakana readings were added in for the lowest level classes. Many students have questions after learning about the real Santa Claus, so the JTE and I take some time to answer them. Afterwards we review the grammar for "I want (thing)" and "I want to (verb)", giving the students some chances to use the grammar on their own. Then, we flip to the opposite side and have the students write a letter to Santa. The back side is not included in this Wiki as you can make one for yourself.

The students can either have their letters checked and stamped by an ALT, or they can rewrite it on a new sheet of paper and decorate before "sending it to Santa".