We're Goin' on a Letter Hunt

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Name of Teacher: Leila Baldridge

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Let’s Try! 2 - Unit 6 Hour #2

Goal: Let’s find the alphabet in the real world!

Preparation: Textbook, electronic textbook, your genki, and your best class-control techniques

Class time: 45 minutes

2 mins: Greetings (Hello, how are you? / What day is it? / How’s the weather? / etc.)

5-8mins: Review lower case (ABC Song, point at different letters and have them yell the name at you etc.). Depending on the level of the class and the amount of time you have, you can try introducing them the faster version of the ABC Song.

30 mins (or however much you need to fill): Alphabet hunt! AKA Level 2 of the pointing game in the textbook. Basically, you call out a letter and the kids find it in their classroom (textbooks, computers, and writing it down don’t count). How you run this depends on the class. Consult with your HRT or use your discretion. You can let the kids roam free or keep them at their desks, have them work individually or in groups, allow both cases or just lower-case letters, award points, etc.

At least 5 mins: Wrap-up (Look at how many letters you found around you! Annoy your families by yelling out letter names in the car!) and feedback/reflections.