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Name of Teacher: Mélina Lomax and Ishikawa-sensei

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd grade

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: For students to practice weather vocabulary (and learn new vocabulary) and be able to ask for the weather forecast

Preparation: Print out worksheets (File:Weather.docx) and the cards (File:Weather cards.docx) and cut the cards out

Class time: 50 minutes

Warm-up: ALT asks what the weather is like today and says that this will be this lessons topic. ALT and JTE give out the worksheets and then get the students to do the matching exercise. ALT and JTE check the answers for the matching.
Snap: JTE and ALT put students into groups of 3 with a pack of cards. ALT then explains the game with the JTE explaining bits in Japanese if needed and checking if the students have understood. ALT and JTE then get the students to start playing and go around checking that the students are playing properly.
Conversation Practice: ALT and JTE demonstrate the conversation using different words in the blanks. ALT and JTE get the students to repeat, they then explain that there are 5 different worksheets with each worksheet having the weather for one day (Students have to go around getting the different information).
Demonstration: If have time get a couple of the students to demonstrate
Describe pictures (if have time): ALT and JTE get students to describe the weather in the two pictures.