What Do You Want? ABCs and Phonics

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Name of Teacher: Amanda Ouverson
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 5th Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: N/A
Goal: Students will be able to use phonetics as a basis for learning how to write English words. What do you want? I want~. / ~, please. Alphabet names and sounds/readings.
Class time: 45 minutes

2分 Greetings
Hello, How are you? How is the weather today? What is the date today? What day is it today? What time is it?

13分 Review the ABCs and Introduce Phonetics
Quickly go over the alphabet (song) while writing the alphabet on the board. Use the examples A A Apple, B B Banana, C C cat to explain how the name and sound of the alphabet aren’t always the same. Then explain there are 5 special letters (AEIOU) * Have the students try to guess what the special letters are.

8分 Video “Short and Long Vowels”
Watch video[1] once, explain the meaning and then watch again with kids singing along to the A E I O U parts.

8分 Phonetics
Have the students make the sounds of the alphabet once more with the 2 sounds for each vowel. Repeat a few sounds that are similar sounding/ are voiced-voiceless sounds with the same mouth position. (M/N, B/P, S/Z, etc.)

8分 Let’s Write
Try to get the students to write words in English they already know using phonetics. (Cat, Dog, Violin, Monkey, etc.) *You can do it where you pick the words, or you pick a letter that a word starts with and the students choose a word, or the kids can just say words randomly and you choose ones to write on the board.

Note: Kids can write the words in the Activity section.

6分 What do you want?
Remind the kids of “What do you like?” and then introduce “What do you want?” and “I want ~. / ~, please. Have the kids repeat the sentence a few times. Ask the kids what they want (for Christmas, in general, etc.). Then have the students raise their hands if they want to say what they want. Have the whole class ask the student, “What do you want?”