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Name of Teacher: Mayumi Kurokawa and Roslyn Humphreys

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: I don't know the lesson number, but the textbook is "Let's Try 2" and it's the final lesson in this section

Goal: Let's do a class survey

Preparation: Worksheets with students' names and topics

Class time: 45 minutes (in a class of 30 students)

Intro (15 mins)

  • Warm up song (we sing "Hello" song)
  • Daily questions (How's the weather?; day; date; season; time)
  • Free talk (practice previously learned English like name, age, feelings...)
  • Phonics

Review + Today's goal (10 mins)

  • Review target phrases:
What [color, games, TV shows, food, sports, animal] do you like?
I like _____

  • We usually do a circle chant like this:
A: What color do you like?
B: I like green.
Everyone: Alright, alright, alright... and so on until everyone has answered

Today's Goal

Main Activity (15 mins)

  • Depending on class size, split the class into groups of 4 or 5.
  • In this case, 6 groups of 5. Each group will have one A3 piece of paper with all the students' names in the class. You can also include the teachers.
  • Each group has a different topic, ie what food/color/... do you like?
  • The aim is for each group to find out what the three most popular colors, food, TV shows, sports, animal or games are in the class.
  • They leave their paper at their group home base and ask the questions, then they must remember the answer and write it down next to that person's name and so on until they've asked everyone on their list.
  • Finally, they make a tally and each group presents their findings.
  • So, the colors group can say "One: Green. Two: Blue. Three: Red.


Fill in reflection cards.