What do you want to watch?

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Name of Teacher: Clifford Beddy

Class/Grade/Language Level: Grade 6, Elementary school

Textbook and specific lesson: Unit 6 Lesson 3-5

Goal: Practice question: “What do you want to watch?” and “I want to watch soccer” and practice reading.

Preparation: Get flashcards of Olympics sports/ Make and print a battleships worksheet for each student

Class time: 45 minutes

Warm-up: 10 mins

Ask daily questions about weather, day, date, and time.

Review Olympic sports using the sport flashcards.

Practice pronunciation of the words.

Ask if students some questions about the sport: Do you like? Can you play?

Listen to the teacher: 5 mins

Model with the teacher a dialogue about watching the Olympics.

For example:

A: I’m excited about the Olympics next year.
B: Me too! What sport do you want to watch?
A: I want to watch _______. What sport do you want to watch?
B: Oh, I want to watch______

Check if the students understood the dialogue by asking questions or asking the homeroom teacher to translate.

Main Game: 25 mins (Please see attached page with Battleship worksheet example: Battleships Worksheet)

Explain the game before handing out the worksheets.

It’s important to show students how to play the game.

It is quicker if you have a copy of the worksheet on the TV screen, and draw on the screen.

Otherwise you can draw a quick outline of the Battleships table.


1. All Students draw 1 battleship in 3 different blocks
2. Students play in pairs.
3. They try to bomb each other battleships, by saying the sentence: “What do you want to watch?” and “I want to watch ________”.
4. If they bomb all three of the opponents battleship, then they are the winner.

Review: 5 mins

Ask the students if they enjoy the game, and what they wanted to watch.

Students fill in their furikaeri