Where are you going? (grades 5/6)

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Name of Teacher: Sara Birnbaum

Class/Grade/Language Level:

Textbook and specific lesson: any vocab set; used initially with Hi, Friends II lesson 4

Preparation: ~30 minutes to prepare cards

Class time: 5-10 minutes, depending on class size and however long you want it to continue

I first used this game with Hi, Friends II lesson 4 to drill place names. I printed the vocab (place names and pictures) onto small opaque cards and distributed one to each student. There were 2 of every card. Students walked around and asked each other the chosen question, in this case, “Where are you going?” The partner answered based on the card s/he was holding, “I’m going to…” If the answers were different, the students exchange cards and practiced again with other students. When they found the person holding the same card, those 2 students became a pair, and can move on to another pair-based game (for instance, the Keyword Game). As a warm up, students can continue without looking for a pair and continue the game until the next portion of the lesson starts. This game can be adapted for any question-answer type vocab, such as “How are you? -I’m…,” “What____do you like? –I like…,” and so on. The cards can be used again for other games, and you can switch the vocab with almost anything.