Who am I? Self-Introduction

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Name of Teacher: David Sullivan

Class/Grade/Language Level: Low level 6th Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: We Can 2, Unit 3 He is famous. She is great.

Goal: Learn and understand Self-Introduction grammar. Such as: I can __, I play ___, I like ___

Preparation: Blank paper with likes for writing (minimal).

Class time: 45 minutes

This unit tends to be very scatterbrained and we've developed a way to make it a little more cohesive. The students will create their own self-introductions and then do interviews in pairs. Afterwards they will turn them all in to the teacher and the ALT will shuffle them then read them off slowly. The students will try to guess who each person is based on the introduction and earn points for their respective teams. It's especially good if you can make one up on the spot about yourself, a fellow teacher, or a fellow ALT if they share the school with you. It's fun for the children and gives you plenty to do during the lesson.

2-5 min - Greetings

5-10 min - Review grammar points and vocabulary

10-15min - Students create self intro and ALT/JTE assist with unknown words

15 min - Who Am I? quiz

2 min - Wrap up and goodbye greeting

~5min - Buffer