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Name of Teacher: Luke Hendrickse
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 1st-4th grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Holiday lesson
Goal: To prepare students for the Winter Holidays and teach them about Christmas in North America
Preparation: Laptop power point presentation, pictures and videos of Christmas celebrations
Class time: 45 minutes

Before class decorate the classroom in festive colors which will entice and excite the students.


As students enter the classroom give them a Holiday coloring sheet. Give Grade 3 and 4 students a connect-the-dot sheet using the alphabet. Play Holiday music in the background and give students 5-10 mins to work on sheet.


Ask students what day it is on December 25th. Tell them about Christmas with pictures of your choice, preferably with pictures from your own Christmas in your home country. If you do not celebrate Christmas you can do the same lesson but with information on the holiday you celebrate during this time. I explained how I celebrate Christmas, I taught students about presents, teaching them the vocabulary for gifts, presents, toys etc. Also teaching students about Santa Clause. I taught students about Christmas movies and showed them the movie trailers of my favorite holiday movies such as Home Alone.


Play a game of Fruit Basket with students using Christmas vocabulary. You need to arrange students in a circle with their chairs and give each student a Christmas Vocabulary word, limit it to 4 or 5 words. Have one less chair for the number of students and have one student stand in the middle. The student in the middle has to shout out a vocabulary word and students with that word have to switch seats. Repeat this process with the odd person out. If the student in the middle yells Christmas, all students have to switch seats. You can give individual students extra vocab words as the game progresses.


Conclude the class and wish them all a safe and happy holiday.