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Autumn 2015 YOKA

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The Autumn 2015 YOKA is out! This issue of the YOKA features:Autumn2015YOKAcover

  • A Whirlwind of Firsts for a First Year JET by Denise Wiley
  • Culture Shock Treatment by Jessica Weinstein
  • Advice from a 2nd Year JET  by Misato-K
  • Enso and Rituals by Rachel O’Hanlon
  • Photos by Katelyn DePalmer, Olivia Lee, Laura McGhee, Susannah Roberts, Joleen Tomlinson

This YOKA was designed by Rachel O’Hanlon.

Submissions are always accepted for future issues of the YOKA. If you want to contribute an article, photo, or creative piece to be part of a future issue, please e-mail your submission to kumamotopa@gmail.com.

Driver’s License Agreement between Maryland and Japan

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Great news for our current and future Maryland JETs! As a result of a recently signed driver’s license reciprocity agreement between Maryland and Japan, JETs with a Maryland driver’s license no longer need to take the practical driving test when applying for a Japanese driver’s license. However, you will still have to apply in person for a license and take a vision/hearing test. This agreement will streamline the process for Maryland JETs as you no longer need to worry about the passing the driving test.

JETs from other states in America are unfortunately still required to pass the driving test in order to obtain their Japanese license. However, with Maryland leading the way, this hopefully will lead to other states signing agreements in the near future!

You can find the official announcement here: