Kumamoto Cherry Blossoms

一心行の大桜の写真As of March 16, tenki.jp forecasts that the cherry blossoms in Kumamoto will begin to open on Wednesday, March 23 and full bloom is expected on Saturday, April 2.

The Japan National Travel Organization also has a very handy English site with background information on the cherry blossoms, such as the various types of blossoms you can find and a guide on “how to hanami” (cherry blossom viewing).

Here’s a table of some of the more famous spots for cherry blossoms in Kumamoto. As always, it’s not a comprehensive list, so don’t worry, you can easily find great spots closer to where you are in Kumamoto as well (they may even be less crowded!). This list will be updated with more information as it becomes available, please feel free to send in any suggestions you have for more sights to view cherry blossoms!

Name Location Website/Notes
Hitoyoshi Castle Park Hitoyoshi City tenki.jp info (Japanese)
Ichifusa Dam Area Kuma-gun, Mizukami Town tenki.jp info (Japanese)
Isshingyo Aso-gun, Minami-aso Village tenki.jp info (Japanese)

  • One very large cherry blossom tree (over 400 years old)
  • Night time lights until 9PM
  • Parking is 500 yen (all day)
Jagatani Park Tamana City tenki.jp info (Japanese)
Kengun Military Base Street Kumamoto City tenki.jp info (Japanese)

  • 800 meter long road lined with cherry blossoms
 Kikuchi Park  Kikuchi City tenki.jp info (Japanese)

  • Around 3000 cherry blossom trees
  • Night viewing also available
Kumamoto Castle Kumamoto City tenki.jp info (Japanese)

  • Night viewing available until 9PM (200 yen entry fee to castle grounds)
  • Parking is 200 yen for 2 hours
Okadake Park Uki City, Matsubase Town tenki.jp info (Japanese)
Otsuyama Park Tamana-gun, Nankan Town tenki.jp info (Japanese)
Sakuragaoka Ground Yatsushiro-gun, Hikawa Town tenki.jp info (Japanese)
Suizenji Park Kumamoto City tenki.jp info (Japanese)

  • 400 yen entry fee
  • Free admission during Suizenji Festival (Mar 26-27)
Tachioka Natural Park Uto City, Hanazono Town tenki.jp info (Japanese)

  • Around 2000 cherry blossom trees
Yunoko Cherry Line Minamata City tenki.jp info (Japanese)

  • 5 kilometer road along the coast lined with cherry blossom trees