Earthquake Updates (Day 2)

(E-mail at 6:45 AM)
Good morning Kumamoto,

At 1:25AM, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Kumamoto, centered around Kumamoto City Higashi-ku and Mashiki. There has been damage reported in Kumamoto City, Mashiki, Uto, Yatsushiro, and Minamiaso areas. The tsunami warning that accompanied the first earthquake has now passed. Similar to the earthquake on Thursday evening, aftershocks have continued throughout the early morning hours.

Thank you to all the JETs to responded to us or their tantoshas about their safety in the middle of the night. It made our job a lot easier to make sure that everyone was taken care of.

As daylight comes to Kumamoto, most of the footage on TV is focusing on Minamiaso, where there are collapsed buildings, landslides, and broken roads. Part of the Uto City Hall has also collapsed and is currently off limits. The Aso Ohashi has also collapsed. Many people in Kumamoto City are without water and gas at the moment.
Please be aware that rain has been forecasted for Kumamoto Prefecture this evening (starting around 7PM) and lasting until Sunday morning (until about 10AM). You may want to prepare rain gear in any evacuation packages you have and blue sheets to cover any exposed areas in your home/apartment.
As always, if you need any assistance from the PAs, do not hesitate to get in touch.

(FB Group Post at 4PM)
Matsuda-sensei has left the kencho for the day and I will be heading back home soon as well. However, you can still reach any of the PAs at any time if needed.
Here is information on which supermarkets are open and closed:
Fully open: Aeon Nishiki, Aeon Amakusa
Selling food in the parking lot: Aeon Kumamoto Chuo, Aeon Uki, Aeon Kumamoto (CLAIR), Aeon Kikuyo
Closed: Aeon Ozu
Max Value:
Fully open: Max Value Shintogawara (Kumamoto City Nishi-ku), Max Value Yamaga, Max Value Arao, Max Value Sakurayama (Arao)
All other Max Values are closed.
Fully open: Sunlive Hondo (Amakusa), Marushoku Yatsushiro, Marushoku Hinagu (Yatsushiro), Marushoku Hitoyoshi, Marushoku Ashikita
All other Sunlive/Marushoku stores are closed.
Yume Mart:
Fully open: Yume Mart Yamaga, Yume Mart Higashi Yamaga, Yume Mart Ushibuka (Amakusa), Yume Mart Kagami (Yatsushiro), Yume Mart Hitoyoshi, Yume Mart Taragi
All other Yume Marts are closed.
Yume Town:
Fully open: Yume Town Arao, Yume Town Tamana, Yume Town Yatsushiro
All other Yume Towns are unlikely to reopen today.
All branches of Seiyu, Rocky, and Iwasaki Ace are closed today.
286 (out of 289) 7-11 stores are open.
97 (out of 163) Family Mart stores are open.
61 (out of 141) Lawson stores are open.
There is still the possibility that stores that are currently closed may reopen today.

(From FB Posts on Saturday evening)

Latest warnings and advisories as of 9:30PM (courtesy of Kumamoto Pref Disaster Prevention System:

– Heavy rain warning in effect for all of Kumamoto Prefecture.
– High wind warning still in effect for all of the Aso region and Amakusa City and Reihoku Town.

– Flood advisories are in effect for all of Kumamoto Prefecture.
– High wind advisories are in effect for all parts of Kumamoto Prefecture except Aso region, Amakusa City, Reihoku Town, and Kuma region.
– High wave advisories are in effect for Arao City, Tamana City, Nagasu Town, Yatsushiro City, Uki City, Uto City, Hikawa Town, and all of the Amakusa and Ashikita regions.
– Thunder advisories are in effect for all of Kumamoto Prefecture.

Current evacuation statuses as of 9:30PM (from NHK Kumamoto – and Yahoo! Japan

Prepare for Evacuation (be prepared to evacuate):
Amakusa City, Kamiamakusa City, Yamato Town

Evacuation Advisory (recommended to proceed to evacuation point):
Kikuchi City, Uki City, parts of Yatsushiro City, parts of Aso City, Misato Town, Minamioguni Town, Oguni Town, Kosa Town

Evacuation Order (please proceed to evacuation point):
Parts of Nishihara Village, Parts of Minamiaso Village