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JET Arigato Campaign

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In addition to the JET video and photo contests (mentioned in previous posts), CLAIR is also running the JET Arigato Campaign, a chance for current/former JET participants as well as Japanese residents who have interacted with JET participants to give their thanks to their schools, communities, and the important people in their lives. CLAIR is looking for text messages, audio messages, photos, and videos to help support their campaign. Unlike the video and photo contests, CLAIR would like smaller size submissions as they plan to combine many of them into a presentation to be shown at the 30th Anniversary Ceremony. In addition, selected submissions will be featured online by CLAIR.

Submissions are being accepted from May 18 to August 31. You can find more information about the campaign on the JET Programme Website.

JET Programme 30th Anniversary Photo Contest

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CLAIR is holding a photo contest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the JET Program. They are looking for Japan-related photo submissions from current and former JETs to help celebrate the anniversary with the five best submissions becoming commemorative postcards to be distributed worldwide. Submissions will be accepted from May 23 to June 13 with the results to be announced in July.

You can find more information about the photo contest on the JET Programme Website.