July 11 Updates

Hello Kumamoto, here are some recent earthquake related updates.  The last large scale news update (on June 13) will remain up for reference, but please be aware that some of the data in it may be outdated. Please confirm beforehand.


The Kumamoto City Volunteer Center has moved from the Hanabata Hiroba to the Parking Lot of the Kumamoto Zoo (Google Maps Link). Numbered tickets for volunteers will be handed out starting at 8AM with check-in beginning at 8:30.

Phone numbers to contact: 090-6653-1648, 090-6653-1649, 090-6653-1552 (From 9AM-4PM, weekdays)

Railway Transportation

The number of trains running on the Kyushu Shinkansen has returned to pre-earthquake levels. Here is the revised timetable for the near future: https://www.jrkyushu.co.jp/top_info/pdf/902/160704_shinkansenrinji.pdf. You can also refer to the JR Kyushu website for further updates. There should no longer be any more restrictions on buying reserved seat tickets for shinkansen trains in Kyushu.

Hohi Line – Limited service has resumed from Aso Station. The line remains closed between Higo-Ozu and Aso.



Aeon Mall Kumamoto will partially reopen on July 20. 84 stores are expected to reopen then. 66 stores remain closed. You can find more details at: http://kumamoto-aeonmall.com/shop/lists/shop_option_id:3