Upcoming Kuma Gun Events

Looking for an excuse to go explore the tranquil mountainous Kuma area of Kumamoto? Whether you want to sample some renowned Kuma Shochu or be a part of traditional Japanese festivals, check out the table below for upcoming events. (If you don’t drive, Hitoyoshi City can also be reached by train directly, and Asagiri can be reached by train after changing at Hitoyoshi. )

Date Time Event Place Cost


Aug 27th Evening Summer festival (Comedy, scary tales and food stalls) Asagiri Free


Sep 21st Morning onwards 33 Kanon statue pilgrimage All over Kuma-gun


Oct 9 Okunchi Matsuri – you carry a shrine to bring good fortune to you and your family Aoi Aso Shrine, Hitoyoshi
Late October Maple leaves Fumoto castle ruins at Asagiri Free