Winter 2018 YOKA

It’s finally here! The Winter 2018 YOKA! This quarter’s YOKA features the following…

  • The Call of the Drums by Olayitan Akindes
  • Eventful Uto, 御輿来海岸 by June Ang
  • Kimono Class in Uto City by June Ang
  • An ALT’s Journey to the Kendo World Championships by Dale Padoin
  • Winter Blues or Something More Sinister? Thoughts on How to Protect Yourself against Depression on the JET Program by Jennifer Frey
  • ALT Pep Talk by Bilal Khan
  • Learn about Pizza by Chiri Davis
  • Shimabara by Melissa Wright
  • Graduation by Timothy Hull
  • A Taste of Tea in Minamata by Greg Corbett
  • KumAJET’s Christmas Party at Jiaien Children’s Home and Spring 2018 Events, KumAJET
  • Kashima: the Village of Water by Lily McDermott
  • Carnival: Introducing my Country’s Largest Festival by Zaynab Nakhid
  • Interview with a Wirebender by Zaynab Nakhid
  • Photos by June Ang, Greg Corbett, Chris Hester, Justin Lau, Laura McGhee, Joyce Tan, and Jenifer Vosper

This YOKA was designed by George Leach. An HQ version (45MB) of this issue is also available.

Not sure what the YOKA is? The YOKA is a quarterly English-language newsletter written and designed by Kumamoto JETs. For more information and past YOKAs, visit this page.

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