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Welcome to Kumamoto!

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We would like to extend a warm welcome to all JETs arriving in Kumamoto in August this year. Welcome to Kumamoto, ‘Land of Fire’ and home of Kumamon!

On this website we have gathered an abundance of information about life in Kumamoto on the JET Programme. Take some time to peruse the website and prepare yourself for coming to Japan. Additionally, if you have any questions about JET, Kumamoto, what to prepare, or what to expect, please do not hesitate to contact the Kumamoto Prefectural Advisors (

See you in Japan soon!

2018 Leaver’s Meeting Photos

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On Friday, June 22, we held a meeting for Kumamoto JETs who will be leaving the JET Programme this summer. Thank you to everyone who attended, thank you to our speakers, and thank you to Governor Kabashima and Kumamon!

The leaving JETs discussed many things, including the challenges they have faced on JET, what they will miss after leaving Kumamoto, and what they are looking forward to. We hope that this meeting was beneficial to all who attended!

We wish everyone the best of luck in their post-JET lives!

If you would like more information on the procedures and necessary preparation for after JET, please take a look at the Information Packet for Non-Reappointing JETs.

And… pictures!




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