17th Ashikita International Festival!

Ashikita Town is putting on their seventeeth annual International Festival and they are looking for participants! Please find a message below from Hester, the JET CIR organizing the event:

Hello there, gentle gaijin of Kumamoto, CIR of Ashikita town Hester here!

This weekend (Sunday) we are holding the Ashikita International Festival – please pop down and eat some international food, see some performances and make our little celebration of all things foreign truly international!

Please come and see Ashikita, enjoy a delicious lunch and don’t forget to say hi!

☆ Tacos, crepes, kebabs and other delicious food
☆ Live music, local performances and fellow JETs taking the stage
☆ A coloring competition with the chance to play an old-school Japanese TV game (think Mario played on an Atari)

Where: Ashikita Dekopon Rest Area
When: 10:30am to 3:00pm – but stop by when you can!

How to get there

By car: turn off the Ashikita IC and follow signs to Dekopon – there will be attendants to show you where to park
By train: 20 mins walk from Sashiki station (Orenji Tetsudo Line linked with Yatsushiro city and Minamata city). Make sure you cross to the platform for trains to Minamata, then follow the path across the field towards the Sky Dome. Then follow the road to the left past the intersection, over the bridge and down until you find the Dekopon!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at hester.m@town.ashikita.lg.jp or find me on Facebook as Hester Mullen!