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2018 Tax Guide for US JETs

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As  you may have already noticed, the tax guide for American JETs for the 2018 tax year has been updated!  Please check the U.S. Tax Guide section of the website for the updated guides (one for first-year US JETs, one for 2nd-5th year US JETs, and a supplementary document about Japanese taxes) and the FAQ. Or, click here!

Best of luck to everyone in preparing their taxes! Oh, and this year’s version is quite different from previous years’, so do keep that in mind 😉

2018 Skill Development Conference

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The 2018 Skill Development Conference (SDC) was held on November 29th and 30th, 2018. For two days, ALTs, JTEs, and HRTs particpated in workshops focusing on teaching, English language, and living and working in Japan. We hope the conference participants learned some new things, but we also hope that they were able to enjoy networking and bonding with each other.

This year’s SDC materials are available here.

Here are some photos from the conference. Click “continue reading” to see more.

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