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Kumamoto Orientation 2016

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Kumamoto Orientation 2016

Thank you to everyone who came to Kumamoto Orientation this year! Over 50 new JET participants joined orientation this year, spending two and a half days attending workshops, visiting booths, and studying Japanese. We hope that orientation was both fun and educational for our new JETs!

Additionally, more than 30 volunteers from around Kumamoto Prefecture helped out this year. Thank you for your time and effort — it’s thanks to you that Kumamoto Orientation was a success!

Below are some of the materials from this year’s workshops and booths. Please take a look at them!
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Kumamoto Orientation 2015

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Thank you to everyone who came out for Kumamoto Orientation! About 40 new ALTs from Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City gathered for two and a half days of workshops, booths, japanese classes, and enjoyable times in general. Also a special thanks to all our experienced JET volunteers, Orientation would not have been such a great success without all of your hard work!

Here are some online versions of information handed out during Kumamoto Orientation:
(Please continue to check this space for further updates, as more files will be made available over the next few days.)

ES/JHS Roleplay Workshopsample lesson plan

Appliances and Electronics by Malcolm Crang – booth handoutunabridged information
Eikaiwa by James Pashley – booth handouts: tips sheetresources
Exploring Kumamoto by Chris Hester and Laura McGhee – powerpoint presentation
Housekeeping in Japan by Taylor Blades – booth handoutunabridged information
Japanese Language Study by Erika Egner and Jemma Gallagher – booth handout
KumAJET by Kay Schultz – event calendar
LGBTQ in Kumamoto by Karmen Rabe and Sam McDowall – booth handout
Money Matters by Ardeley Sihite – unabridged information
Office and Enkai Etiquette by Sara Brown – booth handout
Special Needs Education by Zak Repman – booth handout
Women’s Health and Safety by Julia Green – health board information and booth handout

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