Kumamoto Orientation

This is a collection of materials, including presentation slides, workshop and booth handouts from past Orientations.

2019 Kumamoto Orientation
14-16 August 2019

Day 1 Presentations:

  • Keynote Speech by Preston Sangster
    [1] Slides
  • Trading Places by Mika Tejbo and Karl Bristav
    [1] Worksheet

Day 2 – Morning Workshops:

  • SHS ALT Workshop
    [1] Presentation by Kaye Levene
    [2] Blank Lesson Plan Template
    Activities: [3, Bilal Khan] [4, Kaye Levene]
    Lesson Plans: [5, 6 Kelli Yogi] [7, 8 Ola Akindes]
  • ES/JHS Roleplay Workshop for Municipal ALTs by Eve Gillison and Jenny Vosper
    [1] Demo Lesson Plan and Tips
  • CIR Workshop by Greg Corbett and Heling Wang
    [1] Presentation by Greg Corbett

Day 2 – Afternoon Workshops:

  • Life in the Inaka by James Davenport
    [1] Handbook Materials
    [2] Slides
  • Money Matters by Catherine Burke
    [2] Handbook Materials
  • Office and Enkai Etiquette by Debbie Chaplin and Fujiko Okada
    [1] Office Etiquette Guidelines
    [2] Dress Code Guidelines
    [3] Enkai Etiquette Guidelines

Day 2 – Interactive Booths:

  • Appliances & Electronics by Gracia Lee and Sherlyn Lim
  • Cars and Driving by Ericka Lange
  • Classroom Games (ES/JHS) by Clifford Beddy and Stacy Chung
  • Classroom Games (SHS) by Chase Sutherland
  • Cleaning Products/Seasonal Housekeeping by Erika Bareng
  • Disaster Preparedness by Preston Sangster
    [Link to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Disaster Preparedness Manual (English)]
  • Eating Vegetarian/Vegan by Jess Langshaw
    [Main Handout]
    Recipes [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]
  • Eikaiwa by Kira-Ann Hayashi
  • English Outside the Classroom by Meike Foreman and Lucas Rosch
  • ES Teaching Materials by Poppy Campbell and Sara Ramirez
    [Handout – Extended Version]
  • Grocery Shopping by Laura Guihen and Alicia Lim
  • Health by Jenifer Vosper
  • Hobbies in Kumamoto City – Simona Husarova
  • KumAJET – Kelli Yogi and Patrick Amano-Dolan
  • Kumamoto Events – Greg Corbett
  • Making a Home – Mika Tejbo
  • Medicine – Amy Shiroma
  • Nursery and Kindergarten – Caitlin Puzzar
  • Office Etiquette and Enkai – Hester Mullen
  • Self-Intro Lesson Plan – Raleigh Hooks and Carla Petite
    Handouts [ES/JHS Version] [SHS Version]
  • Stress Management & Culture Shock by Jennifer Frey
  • Studying Japanese by Estelle Abrial
  • Women’s Health and Safety by Eve Gillison
    Handouts [1] [2] [3]

2018 Kumamoto Orientation
15-17 August 2018

Presentations and Workshops:

  • Keynote Speech by Kristina Butke
    [1] Slides
  • Trading Places by Shenee Douglas and Kaye Levene
    [1] Slides
    [2] Worksheet
  • ES/JHS Activities Fair for Municipal ALTs
    [1] Handout by Roslyn Humphreys
  • ES/JHS Roleplay Workshop for Municipal ALTs by George Leach and Chiri Davis
    [1] Demo Lesson Plan and Tips
  • CIR Workshop by Greg Corbett and Youngsoo Lee
    [1] Slides by Greg Corbett
  • Exploring Kumamoto by Charles Marchant and Olivia Poole
    [1] Slides
    [2] Handbook Materials
    [3] Handout
  • Money Matters by Nora Schleupner
    [1] Handbook Materials
  • Office and Enkai Etiquette by Debbie Chaplin and Fujiko Okada
    [1] Office Etiquette Guidelines
    [2] Dress Code Guidelines
    [3] Enkai Etiquette Guidelines


  • Appliances & Electronics by Eric Goldberg
  • Cars and Driving by Justin Lau
    Pamphlet [1] [2]
  • Classroom Games (ES/JHS) by Simona Husarova and Eloise Pienaar
  • Classroom Games (SHS) by Kaye Levene and Zak Repman
  • Cleaning Products/Seasonal Housekeeping by Erika Bareng
  • Disaster Preparedness by Shenee Douglas
  • Eating Vegetarian/Vegan by Rose Lipton
  • Eikaiwa by Greg Corbett
  • English Outside the Classroom by Casey Jones
  • ES Teaching Materials by Hadijah Mohammed
  • Health by Jenifer Vosper
  • Special Needs Education by Sheridan Piltz
  • Traveling in and out of Japan by Stacy Chung
  • Women’s Health and Safety by Eve Gillison
    Handouts [1] [2] [3]

2017 Kumamoto Orientation
14-16 August 2017



2016 Kumamoto Orientation
17-19 August 2016

ES/JHS Roleplay Workshop by Erin Dillon and George Leach
Culture Shock by Sam Van Ginhoven
Office and Enkai Etiquette Workshop by Sara Birnbaum
Appliances & Electronics by Max Levitt-Campbell
Classroom Games by Hiroshi Fukushima and Stewart McDiarmid
Eating Vegetarian and Vegan by Erin Dillon
Eikaiwa by Tanya Leonard and Joleen Tomlinson
Hi, Friends! and Elementary School Games by Katie Elliott and Amy Tran
Hiking and Outdoor Recreation by Garrett Stanford
Kindergarten by Donald Bradley
KumAJET by Chiri Davis, Jamie Jove-Viniegra, Zaynab Nakhid, and Andre Trowell
LGBTQ by George Leach and Karmen Rabe
Living in the Inaka by Jamie Jove-Viniegra and Alice Le
Office and Enkai Etiquette by Sara Birnbaum
Self-Introduction Lesson Plan Help (SHS) by Andria Hidaka
Studying Japanese by Erika Egner

2015 Kumamoto Orientation
17-19 August 2015

ES/JHS Roleplay Workshop by Jazmin Guerrero and Taylor Blades
Appliances and Electronics by Malcolm Crang
Eikaiwa by James Pashley
booth handouts: tips sheetresources
Exploring Kumamoto by Chris Hester and Laura McGhee
Housekeeping in Japan by Taylor Blades
Japanese Language Study by Erika Egner and Jemma Gallagher
KumAJET by Kay Schultz
LGBTQ in Kumamoto by Karmen Rabe and Sam McDowall
Money Matters by Karmen Rabe and Sam McDowall
Office and Enkai Etiquette by Sara Brown
Special Needs Education by Zak Repman
Women’s Health and Safety by Julia Green

2014 Kumamoto Orientation
13-15 August 2014

Bugs and Pests by Jonathon Allred
Teaching Eikaiwa by James Pashley
booth handouts: tips sheet, resources
Japanese Language Study by Erika Egner
Special Needs Education by Zak Repman
The Teachers’ Room by Michelle Holliday
LGBTQ in Kumamoto by Karmen Rabe
Women’s Safety by Anna Rayner-Grignon
Classroom Activities by Hiroshi Fukushima and Jonathan Jelliff
Emergency Prepardness by Melina Lomax and Sam Schipper
Travel and Sightseeing in Kumamoto by Laura McGhee and Joost Van Steenderen
Health and Wellness by Mana Haleem
Driving in Japan by Sarah Gudan and Kristin Kawashima
Trading Places by Sean O’Toole and Karmen Rabe
Eating Vegetarian/Vegan by Alex Chapman



Welcome Address by Chris Ott
Team Teaching for ES/JHS ALTs by James Pashley
Team Teaching for SHS ALTs by Dokken Nakamone and Ranko Matsunaka
Lesson Planning for ES/JHS ALTs by Javier Segura
Lesson Planning for SHS ALTs by Nicole Gallagher
Long-Term Curriculum Building by Jonathan Jelliff and Max Pensack
History of Kumamoto by Dan Woten
Office Enkai & Etiquette by Lauren Sorondo
Teaching Phonics by Cody Jones and Ian O’Kidhain
Classroom Management by Brian Dinnie and Sam Muller
Cleaning Products / Seasonal Housekeeping by Veronica Alvarado
Appliances, Electronics, and Internet by Todd Hargrave
Bugs and Pests by Melissa Barcellos
Food in Japan by Amanda Kirchhoff
Cars and Driving in Kumamoto by Erika Egner
Travelling in Japan by Miki Luo and Chris Ott
Studying Japanese by Emily Taylor and Jen Clapham
Health by Colin Ellis and Devin Holloway
Women’s Safety by Marilyn Midgley
Classroom Games by Sara Brown and Luke Hendrickse
Hi, Friends!  Teaching Materials by Erik Smith
Emergency Preparedness by Inandi Roux, Karmen Rabe, and Sean O’Toole
The 職員室 (teacher’s room) by Alys Turner
More Resources:
The Japanese School Year at a Glance
Elementary School Recess Games
The Post Office
School’s like ALTs Who…
Social Media and Posting Photos
Self-Evaluation and Feedback Form for Team Teaching
Structure of the JET Programme in Kumamoto
Japanese Computer Vocabulary

Elementary:  the purpose of elementary school English education, daily flow at elementary school, class flow, elementary curriculum, common activities and games.  Junior High:  A typical day at junior high school, class flow, warm-ups, activities and games, how to prepare for first classes, resources.
Teaching Senior High School 
punctuality, what to wear, enkai etiquette, helpful Dos and Don’ts
Utilities, appliances (water heater,  laundry, air conditioner), daily living (clearning, hygiene, garbage, tatami care), dealing with the seasons (mold, bugs, keeping cool, keeping warm), where to shop
types of teachers, types of schools, abbreviated history of the modern Japanese education system
Cooking – simple recipies, rice cookers, noodles, tofu, helpful phrases to know, kitchen kanji, helpful links, Japanese Food Guide (this can be printed and folded into a mini book)
dealing with apathetic kids, sleeping kids, smart kids, kids who turn around all the time; tips from current ALTs; helpful games and lesson planning to help you manage; english classroom phrases with Japanese translations
pros and cons to living in the inaka, common problems and simple solutions, rural sightseeing destinations in Kumamoto
basically what the title says, plus a few good tips for living in your community and thriving through the different seasons

History of Kumamoto

Ideas on how to study and useful links to study tools
Tips on how to save money and all things financial