Area System

As Kumamoto is a big prefecture, we have implemented an area system to help JETs get support with a more local focus.
The purposes of the Area System are:
  1. To provide JETs living in the same region with opportunities to meet and socialize with each other.
  2. To create a regional support network to help ease the transition of new JETs to living and working in Japan.
  3. To expedite the safety confirmation of JETs in Kumamoto in the case of natural disasters and other emergency situations.
The JET community in Kumamoto Prefecture is divided into 8 areas:
  • Amakusa
  • Ashikita/Minamata
  • Kiku-Aso
  • Kuma
  • Kumamoto City
  • Mashiki (Kamimashiki + Shimomashiki)
  • Tamana
  • Yatsushiro
Each area is headed by two area leaders, sometimes referred to as “gun” (郡) leaders. They are wonderful people and a great resource close to home if you have any questions.
The Kumamoto City Area is comprised primarily of SHS ALTs living in Kumamoto City, as all municipal ALTs are part of the Kumamoto City BOE.