Prefectural Advisors

What’s a PA? 

Prefectural Advisors (PAs) are JET participants and Japanese staff that provide support to both JET participants and Contracting Organisations.  Each prefecture has at least one JET participant PA and one Japanese PA.  Kumamoto Prefecture has two JET participant PAs and two Japanese PAs.

What do we do? 

PAs relay information from CLAIR and the Prefectural Office to JET participants; supply information and answer questions on the JET terms and conditions, JET procedural matters, Japanese and home country taxes, health insurance, re-entry permits, visas, Japanese culture, driving in Japan, daily life in Japan, and a variety of other issues; plan and implement orientations, training seminars and other events; and occasionally mediate between JET participants and Contracting Organisations.

PAs are also available for consultation on personal or work-related issues. PAs can also help provide referrals to other resources as necessary.

What’s it all mean?

If you have any questions, need some assistance, or just want to talk with someone, please don’t hesitate to call or email one of the PAs.

Your PA team is:
International Affairs Division – Lily McDermott (CIR) and Keishi Matsuda (Japanese PA)
High School Education Division – Bilal Khan (ALT) and Emi Fujimoto (Japanese PA)

Here’s a little message from each of them.

Lily PA

Lily McDermott 

CIR Prefectural Advisor
International Affairs Division

Welcome to Kumamoto! I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario in Canada. In high school, I spent hours watching Taiwanese dramas, reading about linguistics and other languages, but thought of it as a hobby at the time. After abandoning a brief attempt to study life sciences, I ended up graduating with a degree in Linguistics from York University.

My first visit to Japan was through a relationship between my university’s TESOL Program and Meiji University, where I assisted teaching at an intensive English-language camp for university students at a seminar house in the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture. At the time, I had already submitted my application to the JET Programme, and after just two weeks in Japan, I was excited to come back. I couldn’t wait to learn where my placement would be!

My time on JET began in the summer of 2016. I spent my first two years as an ALT in Kashima, the smallest town by area in all of Kumamoto Prefecture. There, I taught at a junior high school, two elementary schools and a kindergarten. You may have already visited Kashima without realising it—it’s the home of AEON Mall Kumamoto, one of the largest shopping centres in Kyushu. If you have a chance to, I also highly recommend checking out Ukishima Shrine on a crisp winter morning. The shrine is famous for looking like an island floating in the mist.

In August 2018, I started working at the International Affairs Division of the Kumamoto Prefectural Office as a CIR and PA. As a PA, I am here to offer Kumamoto JETs information and support. If you ever have questions, concerns, or need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

To de-mystify the CIR PA position a bit, here are some of the things I do:

  • Listen. If you need to vent, are feeling homesick, talk over a difficult issue, or just need someone to listen, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • Facilitate communication between ALTs and contracting organisations when issues arise due to miscommunication or misunderstandings
  • Plan, organise, and facilitate Kumamoto Orientation
  • Compile the Kumamoto JET Programme Photo Directory
  • Visit schools with the Japanese PA to watch the classes of 1st year JETs
  • Conduct area visits with all 1st year JETs, their tantoshas, and some JTEs in a given area of the prefecture. There are usually about 6 or 7 areas that we visit in February.
  • Outreach visits to each area of the prefecture to have dinner with all the wonderful ALTs and CIRs
  • Disseminate information on taxes, visas, reappointment, driving, festivals, etc.
  • Edit The YOKA, a quarterly JET newsletter published by the International Affairs Division
  • Help revise a recommended JET Terms and Conditions for contracting organisations in Kumamoto
  • Meet, greet, and accompany incoming JETs from Tokyo to Kumamoto
  • Attend PA conferences
  • Prepare a Leaver’s Packet for non-reappointing JETs
  • Help the ALT PA to plan and facilitate the Skill Development Conference
  • Monthly eikaiwa lessons with the ALT PA for kencho employees
  • Maintain this website

In addition to being PA, I’m also a CIR, which means I do a few other things. My CIR duties usually take up about 30-40% of my time, and include:

  • Translations for the prefectural government. They could be anything, such as thank you letters to/from foreign officials, pamphlets about Kumamoto’s delicious agricultural products, presentations about cruise ships at Yatsushiro Port, or requests from companies abroad wanting to use Kumamon on their products.
  • Interpretations. The majority of interpretations are 30-minute courtesy visits to the governor, vice-governor, or other officials from visitors to the prefecture. Once in awhile I’ll also be asked to accompany visitors as they travel around Kumamoto.
  • English interviews. I interview applicants for Kumamoto’s Technical Trainee Program and other prefectural programs.
  • Elementary and junior high school visits. Play with students, do games and activities that teach the students about Canada, and do anything else that the school asks.
  • English camps. Occasionally participate in English camps throughout the prefecture.
  • CIR conferences.

Also important, here are some things PAs DON’T do:

  • Act as an advocate for JETs in disputes with their contracting organisations or JTEs
  • Evaluate JETs on their work performance
  • Intervene in personal matters between JETs, particularly on financial issues
  • Tell JETs, their contracting organisation, or their school what they have to do

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Bilal PA

Bilal Khan

ALT Prefectural Advisor
Prefectural BOE

Hi there! I was born in Maryland and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. That’s right; a proud citizen of the US of A! Thanks to an awesome physics teacher in high school, I went on to study physics at the University of Virginia. Because I love a good challenge, I also decided to pursue a Japanese language and literature major alongside it. In the end, it turned out I’m using my Japanese degree a whole lot more than my physics degree. Who would’ve thought!

In my fourth year of college, after realizing that the path of a physicist is one I would rather leave to other eager, aspiring scientists, I decided to apply for the JET Program. Having always been interested in Japanese martial arts, anime, and Japanese food at a young age, along with the passion I gained from my university studies, the JET Program seemed like the perfect fit.

These last two years my base school has been Seiseiko Senior High School, and I have really enjoyed my time teaching and being a part of the Kumamoto community.

I am the wonderful and witty Jonny’s successor as the ALT PA at the prefectural BOE. In my spare time, I like to sing karaoke, play games, exercise, and travel. With the other PAs, I very much look forward to helping you make the most of the JET Program, form meaningful connections, and make lasting contributions in Kumamoto.

As an ALT PA, my duties involve:

  • Information giving
  • Personal support for Kumamoto Prefecture ALTs
  • Coordinating “Sempai Shadowing” for 1st year SHS ALTs.
  • 1st year SHS ALTs surveys and interviews.
  • Englishclass observation visits with the Kumamoto Prefectural BOE.
  • Checking of English scripts for various exams.
  • Random English checks for the Prefectural BOE.
  • Recording various listening tests throughout the year.
  • Attending and assisting with English camps.
  • The planning, coordinating, and organizing of the yearly Skill Development Conference.
  • Being available for mediation if any problems between ALTs and base schools arise.
  • Judging of speech and debate contests throughout Kumamoto Prefecture.
  • Weekly visits to Kumamoto Agricultural School, Kumamoto School for the Deaf, and Kumamoto School for the Blind.
  • Monthly eikaiwa lessons at the prefectural office.
  • Assisting the International Affairs Office with the orientation of new JETs.
  • The meeting, greeting and accompanying of new JETs from Tokyo to Kumamoto for group A and group B arrivals.
  • Outreach visits to each area in the prefecture to have dinner with JETs
  • Attending PA conferences.
  • Compiling the Leaver’s Packet for non-reappointing JETs.

There are also some things that I DON’T do as PA:

  • Act as an advocate for JETs in disputes with their contracting organizations or JTEs.
  • Evaluate JETs on their work performance.
  • Intervene in personal matters between JETs, particularly on financial issues.
  • Tell JETs, their contracting organization, or their school what they have to do.

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Keishi Matsuda

Japanese Prefectural Advisor
International Affairs Division

Hello! I’m Keishi Matsuda, new Japanese PA from this April. I had been teaching English in high schools for 13 years until last March. My work here is completely different from what I have done before, but I’ll do the best that I can for the JET Programme with Roland. Also having taught in various kinds of schools, I can give you some relevant advice if you need it.

I had many ALT friends in my twenties. Most of my English has come from them, but words are changing every day. Through this job, I will make efforts to improve my English to help you and express myself correctly. “I help you” means “you help me!” Let’s help each other to make our lives meaningful in Japan.

I was one of the “Rocky Wings”, which was a student exchange programme between Montana and Kumamoto. Now I’m fairly surprised to work next to the State of Montana Japan Trade Office!

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, ALTs and CIRs. And all tantoshas too, of course! See you soon!

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Emi Fujimoto PA

Emi Fujimoto

Japanese Prefectural Advisor
Kumamoto Prefectural BOE
High School Education Division

Hi! I’m Emi Fujimoto, Prefectural Advisor at Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education Upper Secondary School Division. I’m Ms. Takaki’s successor. Some people call me “next Takaki-sensei.” I’ve worked at four different high schools. I used to work with Ms. Takaki at Hitoyoshi High School and Uto High School, and with Jonny at Kumamoto Kita High School. I really enjoyed teaching English with them. I hope all the ALTs on JET Programme in Kumamoto will enjoy teaching and enjoy life in Kumamoto.