“There is/are” Draw My Bedroom activity

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Name of Teacher: S. Hadijah Mohd

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 2nd Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizons 2 / Unit 6

Goal: To listen to and draw out the sentences read aloud by the teacher


  • Empty bedroom template for students: Draw My Bedroom Template
  • 10 sentences using the target language
  • An image of what the bedroom should look like to compare with the student’s drawings after the activity

Class time: 15 minutes


  • Write a list of 10 sentences beginning with “There is/are…” to describe what is in your imaginary bedroom.
  • The sentences should start off realistic (e.g. There is a bed next to the left wall.) and get funnier (e.g. There is a baby elephant sitting on the bed.).
  • After practicing the target language, give students the empty bedroom template and tell them to draw what you say.
  • Read each sentence aloud and get students to compare their drawings with one another and with the image you prepared.

Possible Modification

  • Give students an extra empty bedroom template and get them to work in pairs.
  • Students must ask each other “Is/Are there… in your bedroom?” and draw their partner’s imaginary bedroom.