5th Grade, How many~?

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Name of Teacher: Jeff Cameron
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 5th grade (adaptable)
Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 1 - How Many?
Goal: To become comfortable asking "How many ~?"
Preparation: 1 blank postcard-sized piece of paper for every student (half a B5 sheet is fine)
Class time: 45 minutes
Greetings (5 minutes)

Whatever your usual introduction and warm-up is

How are you? (5 minutes)

Ask a few students “How are you?”

Get them to go around and ask each other, “How are you?”

Vocabulary Practice (10 minutes)

Review numbers

List body parts

Draw a diagram showing each major part (include facial details)
Hint: they seem to enjoy it when you include weird things (like nose hair)

List a few adjectives (big, small, long, short, etc.)

Key Sentence Practice (5 minutes)

Review key sentence “How many…?”

Explain how to use the phrase properly
Give examples

Monster Making Game (19 minutes)

Demonstrate with T2

Divide the class into groups of two
Make them play rock paper scissors
The winner closes his/her eyes
The loser asks, “How many [body part]?”
eg. “How many heads?”
The winner describes a “monster” using the vocabulary we just practiced using
eg. “Three big heads”
The loser draws what he/she heard on the paper
Bask in the glory of its awesomeness

Once finished, switch roles and go again.

It’s a good idea to require certain stipulations, like having a certain number of unique adjectives used, or using all the body parts.

If there is time left, have them do mini-presentations explaining whose monster it is, and what they drew in simple English

Finish (1 minute)

Much excite and many enjoys