5th grade, Alphabet Soup

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Name of Teacher: Jarissa Lum

Class/Grade/Language Level: 5th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 1 Lesson 6 (Day 4)

Goal: Practice identifying letters (or writing depending on your focus)

Preparation and Materials: Meet with your teacher so they understand the game. Have students be familiar with how to write letters, and make bomb cards. File:Bombcards.docx Students have alphabet cards in the back of their books. You only need one set per team.

Class time: 45 mins

note: This is a variation of the Salad Sabotage game.

Daily Question:

What day is it today?
What’s the date today?
How’s the weather?
What time is it?

Communication Time:

What do you want?
I want _______________.

Alphabet Writing Practice:

Game: Alphabet Soup Game (like Dengon game)

There will be three teams.
Each team will have a set of alphabets. The last person in line will pick an alphabet card from the pile and whisper what it is to the next person. When the letter is whispered to the first person in the front he will write the letter in their soup bowl on the board. The goal is to write all 26 letters in the soup bowl. But there will be bomb cards in the alphabet pile. Bomb cards allow teams to erase letters from other teams soup bowls.
When a student picks a bomb he sends the card down the line. The first person in the front of the line will give the bomb card to the teacher. Next the student will go to another team’s bowl and erase the designated amount of letters. The first team to write all 26 letters in their bowl and sits down wins.

note:Instead of having them write all 26 letters on the board you could do a certain amount of numbers. It get’s a bit confusing when bombs are in play, but it also forces students to go over the alphabet order.