5th grade, Alphabets

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Name of Teacher: Joe Mielke

Class/Grade/Language Level: 5th Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends, Lesson 6-1

Goal: to practice the sounds and letters of the alphabet.

Preparation: Hi Friends 1 CD, the Alphabet Song, some dice, game piece markers

Class time: 45 minutes

1. Greetings

Good morning/Good afternoon
How are you? (encourage students to say something besides "I'm fine"
Have them ask "How are you, (teachers names)
Teachers respond with "I'm ______."
Ask students at random "What sports do you like?", "What food do you like?" "What color do you like?" "What shape do you like?" 10 students should suffice.

2. Practice "Alphabet"

Have students repeat after ALT. AlT says the pronunciation twice and then quickly 3 times and once more with a louder pronunciation.
Do a practice one more time and then say together with everyone.

3. Alphabet Chants

Sing the alphabet song on the Hi, Friends 1 CD

4. Alphabet Dice Game

Have the students make groups of 4 (or 3 depending on the size) and give them each one dice (fuzzy dice is best) and four or three :markers (a button or a Monopoly piece of best). The goal of the game is to beat the other players to the finish line. The
"game board" is the first two pages of Lesson 6. Each student rolls and moves his or her marker depending on the number he or
she rolled. So for example, a student that starts from A rolls a 3, they land on C. That student must then say "C" as a way to :reinforce the alphabets.
The finish line can either be Z or, to make the game more longer, students have to back track to A to get to the finish line. If :you want to make things even more interesting, certain letters can be "danger alphabet" which have some sort of punishment. These :include "M moves you back 3 spaces", "O makes the player have to turn around so rolling a 4 moves you back 4 spaces", and "T makes you :skip the next turn" or "D gives the person to the right a free second roll." Of course, these have to be explained by the HRT in order :for students to fully understand it. First person to the end is the winner.

5. Pronunciation Quiz

Write B and V on the board. Tell students you will pronounce one of the letters and students have to raise their hand to indicate :which letter they think I pronounced. After pronouncing the letter, have students raise their hands for "B" or "V". This can be done :for M and N, T and D, D and G, D and Z, P and B, L and R, C and し, E and E, and E and い.

6. Last Practice

Practice the letters using the pronunciation they just learned by going through the alphabet twice. Once by repeating and again :together.

7. Finish