5th grade, Alphabets Review

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Name of Teacher: Erika Bareng

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES 5th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends, Alphabet lesson

Goal: To be able to use “What do you want?” “I want the __ card, please!” and to be able to pronounce difficult to distinguish letters.

Preparation: Alphabet Cards

Class time: 50 minutes

1. Greeting

  • Hello, how are you?
  • What is the day today?
  • What is the date today?
  • How’s the weather today?

2. Song

  • Days song (sing the days song and dance making the letters with your body)

3. Chant

  • Sing the difficult (version 2) chant in the alphabet (What do you want? I want the C card, please!)

4. Review the alphabet, then review (B & V, G & Z, M & N, O, R, & L)

5. Game (demonstrate, then play): Name: “What do you want?”

How to play:
1. Tell the students to close their eyes. Make sure no one peeks!
2. Draw/write any number, picture, or word on the board (easy enough for the students to guess), and cover it with difficult to distinguish letters (B & V, G & Z, M & N, O, R, & L)
3. You will ask “What do you want?”
4. The students have to answer with “I want the __ card, please!” in order to peel the letters off of the board to find out the mystery word/number/picture.
5. Once it’s easy enough for them to guess, ask, “what’s this?”
TIP: You can have the students volunteer to draw the mystery thing on the board and have them stand in the front and practice asking the question “what do you want?”

6. Game (demonstrate, then play): Name: Whisper Game

How to play:
1. Line the students up in two lines and have them sit. These are two different teams competing against each other.
2. Have the students in the front of the line go outside with you and have them ask you “What do you want?” Respond with “I want the __ card please!) Try to choose hard to distinguish letters.
3. After the students go back inside with you and go back to the front of their line, the game starts when you say go. The second student must ask “What do you want?” The first student must whisper “I want the _ card, please!” This continues in the direction of the back of the line.
4. When it reaches the last student, they must run up to you and you have to ask, “What do you want?” The first one to get the answer correct and to correctly say, “I want the _ card, please!” gets the point.
TIP: Students tend to cheat by only saying the letter and not using the grammar and therefore getting to the end faster. Make sure another teacher is helping enforce the grammar use rule. Also, another tip is when the answer reaches the end of the line, sometimes it’s fun to run away/run around the classroom, and even run outside so the students try to catch you and say the grammar point first. (I only say sometimes because it’s good for the other students to hear the grammar usage, which will not happen if you run outside all the time.

7. Review grammar and difficult to distinguish letters.

8. Allow enough time for the looking back sheets, hapyou, and final greeting.