5th grade, Color/Shapes Practice

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Wiki Lesson Title: Color/Shapes Practice (winter twist)

Name(s) of Teacher(s): Sara Birnbaum

Class/Grade/Language Level:Kindergarten, ES (any level)

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 1, Ch. 5

Goal: Students produce a unique looking object (snowman, Tshirt, flag, snowflakes) with different colors and describe it to the class; classmates listen and guess the presenter’s unique object

Preparation: Worksheets, color/shape cards, colored pencils/markers/crayons, many magnets, blackboard, perhaps winter clothes

Class time: 45min-1hr

This is a multi-level color/shapes review activity that I’ve used for especially talented kindergarteners, up through ES grade 5. The level can be easily adjusted. For younger kids, I do this in winter, and have them color snowmen. For kindergarteners, they color snowmen and/or snowflakes. 5th graders use flags or T-shirt sheets. For weaker classes of younger children, they listen to my directions in coloring the snowman, with no presentation on their part.

The worksheets are attached below. I often print twin versions onto one sheet of landscape oriented paper and cut the paper in half.

10 min: Hello Time & Communication Time: For 5th graders, they practice Self-intros with multiple people. Younger students sing a song. Drill all on colors. Drill 5th graders on shapes, too. 15 min: Prep time: (5th grade only) give out My Flag worksheets. Instruct them not to write their names on them. They have 15 minutes to design their unique flag, using interesting colors and shapes. Also go over how to describe things with color (i.e. Blue flag. Yellow stars.) 20-30 min: Presentation time: (for 5th graders) students magnetize their flags to the blackboard. The teacher numbers them. One by one, the students stand up and describe their flag (Blue flag. Red and green circles). They pick one student to answer, and that student must answer with the flag number.

5 min: Prep time: (younger students only) go over winter wear: hats, gloves, scarf, etc. maybe have some examples on hand to show them. 10 min: Listening time: For Kindergarten-2nd grade, the students listen to your directions on coloring the snowmen. Give clear directions about which part should be which color. For 3rd-4th grade, have students color their original versions of the snowmen, then hang them on the board and number them as with 5th grade. 10 min: Challenge time: 3rd-4th graders describe their snowmen, much like the 5th graders, and classmates answer with the number of the snowman that belongs to the presenter (Red hat, blue gloves, green scarf). For very talented Kindergarteners-2nd grade, have them individually color 3 snowflakes and carry out the same activity, only naming the colors (Black, purple, yellow). It can be very challenging, but not impossible for them. Perhaps only do 10 at a time for big classes if they don’t know bigger numbers.

File:Sara Birnbaum.pdf