5th grade, Fashion Designer

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Name of Teacher: Jonathon Allred

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary Grade 5

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 1, Lesson 5, Part 3

Goal: Students are able to design their own t-shirts, and describe them using simple English they have learned like the colors, shapes and other familiar words/objects

Preparation: Print out a blank white t-shirt on paper, which can be found by search the Internet for "white t-shirt template," also, have the students design their t-shirts outside of class to save class time, a t-shirts of your own design based on the same template as the students, color/shape cards, stickers

Class time: 45 minutes

I start all my classes with English phrases instead of the military-style Japanese phrases. So I'll ask who the classroom leader is and they'll tell the class to stand up, "Let's start English time!" and then to sit down. I warm-up for class by asking about the weather and the day of the week, which we review quickly each week. They ask the HRT and I how we are and then they have to ask 3 other people around them (7 minutes)

Since the students will later be saying colors and shapes in English, I start by using the chant "What color do you like?" to review. Then I switch it to karaoke mode and switch out some of the colors. I also change color to shape and have the kids sing. The HRT assists in playing the chant and motivating students. After that, I go down the rows and ask each kid about a given color/shape while holding up a color or shape card. (6 minutes)

Next, I tell students to pull out their t-shirts that they have completed. (In the previous class, I told students to try to use color and shapes from Lesson 5. But I also encouraged them to draw other things they know in English on their t-shirts like "soccer ball", "cat", "apple", "Japan", etc. The students were also told to write their names on the back.) I collect the t-shirts and then the HRT posts them up on the board (several at a time if dealing with a big class). Then I point to a t-shirt and describe it in English. I then ask, "Whose t-shirt?" and explain the meaning in Japanese, with the HRT's help. Students then have to guess who made that t-shirt. After a few rounds, I move on to the final activity. (12 minutes)

I give a quick but simple demonstration of how to present one's t-shirt using the t-shirt that I made in advance. For example, "White t-shirt. Red circle. Two green hearts. Badminton. Dog. Thank you!" Then I ask for volunteers to present their t-shirts in front of the class. If there are no volunteers, I pick students at random by writing a number on the board which will correspond to one of their numbers. I help the student through presenting when necessary. After they finish, I have the seated kids praise them in English using phrases like "excellent", "good job", "well done", etc. Students who volunteers or are called on to present get an English sticker. Students who can't present in class are encouraged to present individually in front of the ALT or HRT during break time. (18 minutes)

At the end of class, I try to tell the students one activity or thing that they did really well and one thing they can try to improve for next time. The HRT also shares advice. I have the classroom leader announce that "class is over" and then all the students thank the HRT and I. Last, I tell them to "have a nice day!" and they respond "you too!" (2 minutes)