5th grade, Finishing the lesson with a Creative activity and review activity

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Name of Teacher: Mana Haleem

Class/Grade/Language Level: Level Grade 5/minimal English

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 1, Lesson 5

Goal: To review the vocabulary that students have learned in the lesson

Preparation: make a large print-out with a plain t-shirt at the top with some space at the bottom.

Class time: t-shirt activity itself (with creating and practicing with partners) takes about 20 minutes.

  • greetings, and ask each student either “What colour do you like?” or “What animal do you like?” [5 min]
  • let's chant - all 3 variations, and have different students “challenge” a chant by performing the chant in fronf of their classmates [7-8 min]
  • finish the textbook activity on p.21 – brainstorm as a class as to what category students can use and give some examples if students can't think of that many (e.g – country, dessert, sport, anime, character, etc), and then have students ask the same students they asked previously [10 min]
  • t-shirt activity – students create their own t-shirt by using shapes, colours, and anything else they would like (such as characters) [10-15 min]
  • describe your t-shirt – students describe their t-shirt to their partner (e.g- green shirt, 3 yellow stars, 1 Kumamon, 2 pink hearts, etc). [5 min]
  • Line Quiz game – use this game to review either the vocabulary/questions learnt in Lesson 5 alone, or all the vocabulary/questions used up to and including lesson 5 [5 min]
to play: divide the class into 2 teams and have each team form a line, facing one another. ALT stands in the middle and asks a   
question, such as “what colour do you like?”. The first student to answer, or to answer correctly, gets to sit down in his/her seat,  
but if they are too slow or they didn't answer the question correctly, they have to go to the back of the line. The team with all their 
members sitting down first, wins.