5th grade, How many? Janken!

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Name of Teacher:

Class/Grade/Language Level: 5th Grade, Elementary School

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 1, Lesson 3 – 1 "How many?"

Goal: For students to be able to correctly pronounce numbers 1-20 whilst playing a familiar game

Preparation: Numbered flash cards from 1-20 with double sided magnets

Class time: 45 mins

5 mins : Greetings

5 mins : Introduction of numbers 1-20

10 mins : Play "Missing Game" using numbered flash cards

20 mins : Main Activity – Rock, Scissors, Paper Typhoon Game

The way I play this game differs from the game suggested in the textbook. I would describe it as a mixture of Typhoon Game and Janken.
Place the numbered cards 1-20 face down with the blank side showing on the board in a grid arrangement. Assign letters to the columns and numbers to the rows, thus making a Battleship style grid. Separate the class into two groups and have them line up in two rows facing each other in the middle of the classroom.
If the students don`t know already, teach them Rock, Scissors, Paper in English.
Have the students play RSP against each other in pairs, one pair at a time in front of the class. Make sure everyone participates by chanting the words. Let the winner choose a tile from the grid (e.g B2) and award the corresponding team points equivalent to the card. Make sure everyone repeats the number in English (many students will be too excited to remember this point, you will have to remind them often).
Continue this pair by pair, count up the points at the end and reward the winning team.

5 mins: Review / Farewell

Note: I like to add other "special cards" similar to those I would use for typhoon game such as double points, typhoon (resets points) etc.
You can also add more numbers depending on the grade/ level.