5th grade, Let's make a restaurant

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Name of Teacher: Todd Hargrave

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES 5th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Final lesson for Hi Friends 1, lesson 6

Goal: To combine previously learned phrases and have students think of related words.

Preparation: 5 minutes

Class time: 1-2 periods

Have students form groups of at least three students for a variety of shops they will create.

For example:
Greengrocer (Fruits)
Pet Shop
Sports Shop
Clothing Shop

For 10-15 minutes, have students draw up cards for items to be sold at their shop, they are free to write the English pronunciation of the item on the card itself.

Next they will get ready to present, each student will play either the store worker or the customer.

They must use:
What do you want?
(I want) ~please.
Here you are.
Thank you!
You’re welcome!

Last but not least, the customers should each give their impression of the item(s) they buy. Help them think of these. For example:

Fruits: sweet, fresh, sour, bitter
Food: yummy, So good!, spicy, juicy, I’m lovin’ it.
Pets: cute, small, strong, sleepy, hungry
Sports: strong, fast, home run, hole-in-one, goal
Clothes: pretty, beautiful, cool, cute, sexy

(Students are free to write katakana scripts for their parts, it’s better than someone having to whisper it to them.)

Finally, students present their store, switching off as workers and customers as necessary. Give high fives for good smiles, gestures, etc.