5th grade, My Dream Schedule

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Name of Teacher: Todd Hargrave

Class/Grade/Language Level: 5th Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends, Lesson 8, final lesson.

Goal: Have students design their dream class schedule.

Preparation: Print out worksheets, small copies for every student, a big copy for the blackboard (poster size, 4 B4 pages for the schedule, 2 A3 copies of classes). Cut out your large class cards, attach magnets to each one.

Class time: 1 period

Students should know the days of the week, the name of classes, and "On (day), I study (classes)."

Now, they will make their own dream schedules. First, pass out the schedule paper and the cards.

Have each student cut out their own set of cards, think up their ideal schedule, place, and glue down their cards. As a rule, I require each of my students to use each academic class (Japanese, math, science, social studies, and English) at least once in the week. Give them at least 10 minutes to do all this.

Students may have clumps of the same class in a row. I like to teach them "double," "triple," and "all," to avoid them having to say the same class name multiple times.

(Time Permitting) Break class into groups and have them practice presenting their perfect schedule.

Assign each student a day from their schedule to present, have them come up one by one to the board and present their chosen day while placing the corresponding class cards on the board, creating a mashup of different students' dream schedules. Continue until every student has presented and/or class ends. Files

Schedule Handout

Class Cards