5th grade, What’s This?

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Name: Zaynab Nakhid

Grade: 5

Textbook and Specific Lesson: Hi Friends 1 Lesson 7


• To encourage students to use the phrase “What’s this?”.

• To help them understand that the phrase “What’s this” is not limited to the items in the textbook.

Lesson Plan:

1.) Greetings.

2.) Warm Up- easy English questions related to the previous topic or the same lesson if it’s not the first time.

3.) Introduction- What’s this?- これは何ですか、Let them repeat twice to ensure proper pronunciation.

4.) Textbook Activities.

5.) The “What’s This! Pictionary Game”


I use the pictures from the CD for the lesson and print them out, and I also print out a few fun pictures like Jibanyan and Pikachu. I put the pictures into a box and shake them up.

Class Time: I usually run this activity in the last ten minutes of the class, but for my bigger classes it takes a bit longer. However, the fun in the game is to keep it fast paced so I highly recommend no more than 12 minutes, with the extra two minutes being for explanations.


a.) Split the class into two teams.

b.) Divide the blackboard into two sides. One for each team. Let them name their teams as part of the fun and have them designate a captain for each team.

c.) Have them move their desks to the back and sit on the floor in their teams.

d.) The captains go first. Put the pictures into the box and shake it up.

e.) Each person draws a picture card from the box and looks at it for 5 seconds. These pictures are then put to the side. On the count of three everyone shouts “What’s this” and the captains run to the board and draws the item on their side while their team tries to guess what it is.

f.) The first team to guess correctly wins and the second person in line gets to go.

Note: I initially had them draw the same thing on the board, but sometimes this caused one team to figure out the drawing meant for the other team which led to arguments. I also recommend putting in some fun figures because it gives the game a bit of a challenge.

6.) End Class.