6th grade, Directions Lesson

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Name(s) of Teacher(s): Araki Sensei (HRT) and Margo Shine (ALT)

Class/Grade/Language Level: 6th grade elementary school/beginner

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2/ Directions Lesson

Goal: To have students be able to give simple directions and use new vocabulary (ex: go straight and post office)

Preparation: Bring blindfolds (enough for half of the students/HRT) and two copies of a blank map for each student (ALT), phonics alphabet sheet (ALT).

Class time: 50 minutes

1) Hello Time: Ask students 3 questions (how is the weather, what is the day today, what is the date) (3 min)

2) Happy Communication Time: HRT will choose a theme for students to discuss while practicing their self introduction. The HRT will also set a time limit. (3-5 min)

3) Alphabet Time: The ALT will hand out the phonics alphabet sheet for that day (this is also good for 5th grade classes too). The ALT conducts phonics time at the beginning of every class. They lead the kids through practicing writing a the day’s letter, and listening for the letter in a list of words. The last phonics task is for students to come up with an object in English that starts with the day’s letter. (10 min)

4) Review Time: The ALT will review the places and direction vocabulary used in Hi Friends lesson 4. Ideally this would not be the first class spent on this lesson. Hopefully students have learned the lexis for this lesson and only need a quick review.(10 min)

5) Furibago Game: The HRT will lead the explanation of this activity. Students get into pairs and get one blindfold. Then decide who will be blindfolded first. The student who is not blindfolded hides their pencil case around the room and then will direct their blindfolded partner to it using direction words. To add a twist to this game, you can have one pair be the “oni” and the blindfolded student is led to tag other pairs who then become “oni”. (5-10 min)

6) Original Map Activity: The ALT will lead this activity. Students will again make pairs and then each student will receive 2 blank maps with spaces outlined (ALT will have to make this). Then the students will first make their own original map using the place cards from the back of the book. After that they will get in pairs. One of the students will have their blank map in front of them and ask their partner (who is looking at their own original map) “where is the post office?” The students CANNOT see their partner’s maps. The student looking at their original map will direct the student with the blank map using “go straight, turn left, turn right” lexis learned in the lesson. The idea is for each student to recreate their partner’s original map by using direction phrases and place vocabulary. (10-15 min)

*Recommendations for this lesson: I would make sure to talk through the games with your HRT before class so you are clear about the explanation. For the furibago game, the oni twist was really fun. It actually took a little longer than expected. Also make sure the students are not touching their blindfolded partner. For the original map activity, make sure that students are using English to communicate where places are. Also let them know it is okay to write in the places when “drawing” their partner’s map. Also ask them to check each other’s work. This was a relatively fun lesson!

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