6th grade, Go Straight Suikawari

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Name(s) of Teacher(s): Jeff Hsu

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School, 6th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi, friends! Lesson 4 (Final Class)

Goal: To get the students using the phrases learned in lesson 4 while having fun

Preparation: Bats (Something to hit with) & Balls (Something to hit)

Class time: 45 mins

This lesson should be done where there’s a lot of space (gym etc.)

1) Warm Up – Sing a song, play a short game or do your usual warm up or you could really get them to warm up by running a few laps of the gym if you are in the gym.

2) Revision – Revise the phrases learnt in lesson 4 (Go Straight, Turn Left, Turn Right, Stop, Here)

3) Simon Says – Play a quick game or two of Simon Says using the directions and also adding other simple actions as limiting it to the directions would probably be too easy for the kids.

4) Suikawari (すいかわり) Game – This is the main game and there are probably similar games out there but I’ve been calling it this as it’s probably easier for the kids to understand. You separate the kids into 3-4 teams and get the teams to decide on the order of which team goes first and also who goes first, second etc. within the team. How you play is whoever’s turn it is, 1 person in the team gets blindfolded and then spinned around a few times. Place the ball somewhere in the room/a area in the gym. He/she carries the bat and the rest of the team have to direct him/her to the ball (target) using only English (Go Straight, Turn Left etc.). Once he/she reaches the ball, they say “Here” and he/she can take a swing at the ball. If they hit the ball, that team gets a point. Go around the teams and make it so everyone gets at least one turn each.

Pretty straight forward game but I think it’s a great game to end the directions lesson on as they can have a lot of fun while using the phrases they learned from the lesson.

I have used the lesson many times with different schools throughout the years. I’ve used it with classes as small as 12 and as big as 40. With a big class, you can split the class into 2 and have 2 separate games going on at the same time. Obviously you will need a lot of space for that and you will need the JTE to help keep an eye on one game while you the other. You really only need one blindfold, one bat and one ball but if you have more than one blindfold and bat you can really speed up the game and shorten the time between each turn by getting the teams to prepare for their turn while they are waiting and watching the current team. I usually set a time for each turn (30 secs but it’s totally up to you) or else it might go on forever and you might run out of time.

That’s how I play it but feel free to change things up to suit your classes.