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Name of Teacher: Joseph Mielke
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 6th grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Hi, Friends Lesson 5, "Let's go to Italy!"
Goal: To introduce the names of countries in English to students and "I want to go to _____.
Preparation: Prepare pictures with your students faces on it, flashcards, examples, a map, country flags, and textbooks before hand.
Class time: 45 minutes
Lesson Plan

1. Ask students how they are, what is the date, day, and the weather. Allow students to ask each other how they are (3 minutes) T>S, S>T, S>S (this is dependent if done daily. If not, then just keep it to greetings.)

2. Ask students what "Country" means. Provide examples such as country flags, outline of countries, or food. The students should be able to understand this. Then ask students if they know any countries. Japanese is ok. T>S, S>T (5 minutes)

3) Demonstration. Explain to the the HRT before hand of the demonstration.

"Kumamon-sensei, where do you want to go?"
"I want to go to Australia."
"Wow, sounds nice/sounds good/good idea!" (depending the level of your students)

Ask students if they understood. Elaborate or repeat slowly if they did not understand. Have students repeat after you. T>T, T>S (3 minutes)

4) Ask students "where do you want to go?" Wait for responses. If no one responds, call out a number or have the HRT pick students; preferably students confident in English first to provide a template for unsure students later. Japanese is ok. (4 min) T>S, S>T

5) Explain to students to listen carefully to the pronunciation. Go through the country flashcards; carefully sounding out each country. The book lists countries such as Italy, Japan, Spain, Greece, Australia, etc. Provide other examples of countries that may have a different name in Japanese compared to English (such as Germany, Switzerland, etc).

Afterward, quickly go through the cards multiple times. The final time being dependent on the students.T>S (10 mins)

6. Ask students specific questions concerning the country such as "What food is in France?", "What is a famous Chinese city?", "What holiday is in Canada?" etc. Get students thinking. (5 mins) S>T

7. Practice with students

A. "Where do you want to go?"
B. "I want to go to __________." Make sure they understand. T>S

8. Have students ask each other the question. First, rock paper scissors to decide to goes first. A asks while B responds. Each student must ask six other students. ALT and HRt counts. S>S, S>T (10 mins)

9. Put up the map and take the pictures of your students. Go through the rows and students will tell where they want to go. After each student, put the picture of the student on the map where they want to go with a magnet. Then provide examples such as:

   Takeshi wants to go to Italy.
   Sayuri wants to go to Australia.
   Kenta wants to go to China. 

(5 mins) S>T, T>S

10. If there is anytime, practice the countries once more. T>S