6th grade, Let's Go To!

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Name of Teacher: Calvin E. Brash
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 6th Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends, Lesson 5-3
Goal: Practice country names along with the expression "Let's go to...!"
Preparation: Country flash cards, small country cards, game board (A4 sheets), dice
Class time: 45 minutes

1. Greetings

Start class with an energetic greeting and wake those students up!

2. Lesson Goal

Let the students know that the goal of today’s lesson is reviewing / practicing the expression “Let’s go to…!”

3. Country Practice

By the third lesson in chapter 5 students will usually remember all the country names (I always add more to what’s in the textbook). To review the country names while using the expression “Let’s go to…!” I have the students yell: Let’s go to!!! And at that point I will flip up a country flashcard and the students will finish the sentence by yelling out the country name. If they get it right, we move on. If they get it wrong or almost right, I’ll pronounce it for them and have them repeat it once. NOTE: This exercise can get tedious for students if they are a low energy class. If you feel they may not like using the “Let’s go to..!” so many times, you could try doing the Row Game. Students who are not competing in the row will have to shout “Let’s go to!!!” And then flip up a country card for the competing students.

4. Let’s go to…! Card Game

Each student receives one card with a country flag on it. The student will then have to search for 2 other students with the same country flag. Students will search for a partner to jan-ken with (in English of course) and the winner will say “Let’s go to <name of country card>!” If the other student has the same country flag, they will stick together and find their last group member before returning their cards and sitting down. If the other person doesn’t have the same card, (s)he can say “Sorry!” / “No, thank you!” and “Goodbye!”

NOTE: You should take the number of students into consideration when preparing the deck of country cards.

39 students -> set of 3 cards X 13 different country cards

35 students (+one teacher) -> set of 3 cards X 12 different country cards

Just make sure you have a multiple of 3 if you plan on doing sets of 3.

5. Let’s go to…! Board Game

For this game I simply added country flags onto a Snakes and Ladders game board. Explain the rules and make sure to mention that dice stay on the desk. Students will use erasers to mark their places on the board and will roll a die to advance towards the finish. Standard Snakes and Ladders rules apply, but the students must say “Let’s go to <name of country landed on>!” If the student can’t remember the name of the country, have other students help him/her.

6. Farewells

Give brief feedback and wrap up class with a genki “See you next time!”