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Wiki Lesson Title: Hi Friends 2 Lesson 5-1

Name(s) of Teacher(s): Matthew Tong

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES grade 6

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2 Lesson 5-1

Goal: Learn how to say the names of countries

Preparation: Printout a game board from Englipedia lesson 5

Materials: Blackboard, flash cards, textbook, blackboard, game board printed to A3 size, dice

Class time: 45mins

Greetings and asking how the students are. (3mins)

Explain that we will be talking about ‘countries’. The I give them some examples of countries and try to elicit responses from them to guess what ‘countries’ means. I then ask students to name countries that they know. (4mins)

My ES has a diverse group of students with some going for juku and hence they know some English. This is just to build on their prior knowledge and to build the context of the lesson.

Use flash cards to make students repeat after the ALT. We take note of the difference in pronunciation between Japanese and English. (5mins)

Getting students used to English pronunciation

Do page 18 and 19 of textbook. (10mins)

I do this mainly because I don’t want the teachers to feel as if they need to rush their lessons if we skip a portion of the textbook.

Teach students the phrases ‘Where do you want to go?’

‘I want to go to_______’ (3mins)

As part of what they should know in this lesson, we start teaching them these phrases.

Explain the game to them. Instructions on Englipedia. ES/Hi Friends/I want to go to Italy/World tour game (1min)

Play game! (10mins)

We need to walk around to encourage the students to use English

Consolidation and giving of stickers.

I get winners to collect the materials and give out stickers to them. (3mins)

Just some repetition so that they have more practice.