6th grade, Let's Go To Italy

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Name of Teacher: Joost van Steenderen

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School Grade 6

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2 Lesson 5 – Let’s go to Italy

Goal: Country names vocab + Where do you want to go? / I want to go to…

Preparation: Banana chants, Flashcards, Ball, Timer,

Class time: 45 minutes

Lesson Plan

  • Greetings, 3 warm-up questions: day, month and weather. (3 min)

After students answer the 3 questions I have them repeat the weather, day and date.

  • Warm-up activity: Banana chants (countries) (2 min)

Banana chants has a variety of songs. I usually chose the theme closest to that day’s lesson. These chants are short and the clapping part of the chants make students genki.

Materials: Banana Chants

  • Introduce vocabulary with flashcards (check MES-English if you don’t have original flashcards). Let them guess first and let them repeat them after you for pronunciation practice. (6 min)

Materials: flashcards

  • Missing game (6 min)

Let students close their eyes, take one or two cards off the blackboard and let them open their eyes again. “What’s missing?”.

  • Eraser game (6 min)

If it’s the first lesson or second lesson for this chapter I do the eraser game. Make pairs (groups of three work too) and use one eraser. Decide on a keyword and let students grab the eraser on the keyword. Any other word has to be repeated.

  • Introduce and practice phrase. (10 min)

Depending on the level of the students I either introduce the set “Where do you want to go?” + “I want to go to __.” , or just “I want to go to __.”

Write down the phrase on the board and let students guess the meaning of words; I=わたし (watashi), go=いく (iku), etc, making the sentence in Japanese.

わたしは _____ へ いきたい です (watashi wa ___ he ikitai desu). 

Use flashcards for pattern practice.

  • Bomb-game (10 min)

Students make a circle. If they get the ball they say where they want to go, then name the next students and throw the ball to them. If the timer rings (use a limit of 30 sec) then the ball(bomb) explodes and the student dies(sites down).

Materials: ball and kitchen timer. This game works better in small groups.

  • Recap and wrapping up the class. (2 min)