6th grade, Let's Go to Italy ~ using the computer room

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Name of Teacher: Joost van Steenderen

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School Grade 6

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2 Lesson 5 – Let’s go to Italy

Goal: Country names vocab + Where do you want to go? / I want to go to…

Preparation: Banana chants, Flashcards, Ball, Timer,

Class time: 45 minutes

Lesson Plan

  • Greetings, 3 warm-up questions: day, month and weather. (3 min)

After students answer the 3 questions I have them repeat the weather, day and date.

  • Warm-up activity: Banana chants (countries) (2 min)

Banana chants has a variety of songs. I usually chose the theme closest to that day’s lesson. These chants are short and the clapping part of the chants make students genki.

Materials: Banana Chants

  • Review vocabulary with flashcards (6 min)

Materials: flashcards

  • Previous lesson

In the previous lesson the students used the computer room to research about a country in order to make their own Country-quiz. During this process they were asked to write three hints, first in Japanese, think about the order they want to give the hints. After the draft the JTE and ALT helped the students with translating them into easy English keywords such as the country’s sport, food, colors of the flag.

  • Example Quiz. (5 min)

Give 2 or 3 examples for the students. Ask students what they think is important for presenting: smile, loud voice, etc.

  • Preparation of Quiz (2 min)

Allow students two minutes to prepare their quiz. JTE and ALT help them pronounce they English keywords they prepared in the previous lesson.

  • Quiz time! (15 min)

Students use easy English to present their quiz; ‘hint 1’, or ‘hint please’ and for the answer ‘I want to go to …’ as the answer.

(note: My classes are small so everyone can present. You might have to change plans according to number of students.)
  • Bomb-game (10 min)

Students make a circle. If they get the ball they say where they want to go, then name the next students and throw the ball to them. If the timer rings (use a limit of 15~30 sec) then the ball(bomb) explodes and the student dies(= sits down). As a variation for the second round you can let everyone work together. The goal is for everyone to answer one time within a time limit, 2 minutes for example. “If the bomb explodes before everyone is finished, they all die.”

Materials: ball and kitchen timer. This game works better in small groups.

  • Recap and wrapping up the class. (2 min)