6th grade, Sell a Country

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Name of Teacher: Samuel Muller
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 6th Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2, Lesson 5
Goal:For students to experience real world communication, For students to complete an impersonal transactional dialogue to do with travel and travel agencies, For students to be able to use “want to” in both question and statement forms, For students to be able to use “You can …”
Preparation: Fake money preferably lots of it, pictures of food and places from a range of countries (preferably easy to pronounce and remember), Fake plane tickets
Class time: 50 minutes

1. Practice past vocabulary; Country name, famous world heritage site name (from hi friends 2) Any warm up vocabulary activity is fine to start with: Rows and columns is good for this lesson to check their country name knowledge. Rows and columns; everyone stands up. You show a flag and ask what country person puts their hand up and answers they then choose either a row or a column which ever they choose gets to sit down. (Tip: the students who have bad English always end up still standing so make sure you've got some easy ones near the end)

2. Introduce new vocabulary: this is food from around the world. (I did: French bread, steak, hamburger, pizza, Meat on a sword (from brazil), kebab, Spanish eggs, sushi, dumpling, souvlaki (from Greece )) Any will do but I suggest you choose easy names preferably ones that English speakers know. (you can practice these however you want)

3. Let's chant 1 page 21 of hi friends make you sure you go all the way to the third chant on this list. The chant is: “let's go to italy, you can eat cheese, you can eat pizza you can see soccer games.” Essential for the main activity.


1. Show flag, famous place and food. Using chant karaoke say new country/place/food.

2. With home room teacher demonstrate travel agent skit and ask the students where are we? What are we doing?

A:  Hello, can I help you:?
B:  Yes, I want to travel
A:  You can go to Italy.  You can eat cheese.  You can eat pizza.  You can see soccer games.
B:  Ok, I want to go to Italy. How much?
A:  10000 yen please (the students can ask for any amount).
B:  Ok, here you are.

Students practice dialogue in pairs.

Produce (main Activity)

1. Students form into their lunch groups. Each person is given a country they have to sell to people and money (up to you how much).

2. students from one group find the places they want to go to and start dialogue with those travel agents.

3. When finished groups swap over.

4. At the end of the activity groups add up their money and find out which group earnt the most money