6th grade, When Is Your Birthday?

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Name of Teacher: Alys Turner
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 6th Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2, Lesson 2
Goal: Practice asking "When is your birthday?"
Class time: 45 minutes

A final lesson―teaching “when is your birthday?” Assuming “my birthday is….” was taught in the previous lesson.

3 questions -today’s day, date and weather. I like to clap like crazy when the students get it right. Then we all say it together.

Warm up – If you taught the chants in the previous lesson, sing it again. Get the kids to stand up quickly and sit down again on their birthday month. After the chants you can call out the months really quickly (have them repeat it too) and get them to do the same.

Alternatively, you can throw a small soft toy around the room and the student who catches it has to say any month of the year (or their own birthday). At first make the students throw it back to you. If it goes well you can let them throw it to their classmates. If it doesn’t work well you can stop after a few students.

Introduce – “When is your birthday?” Ask the JTE. Get them to ask you. Get the JTE to ask the students in Japanese when it is. Have them practice a few times after you, then practice in pairs.

Interview - Give out 9 square bingo sheets! Explain they have to write a friends birthday in each square. They will interview them in English to find out. You can use Janken to decide who asks first. Writing their own birthday is fine too. This usually takes around 5 mins.

Play bingo! Pick a student and make everyone ask them “When is your birthday?” The student answers. Anyone who wrote their birthday down can cross it off. To make it fair you can devise a random way of picking the student if you like.

It doesn’t seem like the most exciting game but my students really like bingo and they loved this!