6th grade, Where is the Supermarket?

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Name of Teacher: Kevin Lee

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary Grade 6

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends, Lesson 4

Goal: Students will be able to give basic directions and ask for directions.

Preparation: City Map Handout, Location Flashcards, Pairs of Dice

Class time: 45 Minutes

1. Greetings and warm up (5 minutes)

Greet students and ask them to name some common places we see in cities. This can be done in Japanese if necessary. Write these locations on the board.

2. Topic and Vocabulary Introduction (10 minutes)

Introduce the topic (city locations and giving directions) and introduce the vocabulary with gestures to accompany each (e.g. a mock running gesture for the park). Quiz the students afterwards by only doing gestures and have the students guess your vocab term.

3. Key Phrase Introduction (10 minutes)

Introduce the key phrases for giving directions (go straight, turn left, etc.) and practice by having the students stand up and listen for your directions. This can be done individually or as a class.

4. Giving Directions Practice (5 minutes)

Using the flashcards as city blocks, create a map on the blackboard and have the students direct you to different locations on the map.

5. Giving Directions Game (10 minutes)

In groups of 4 the students each choose a letter (A, B, C, D) to be their starting point on the city map handout. The students take turns rolling the dice, then taking the result and looking up that number's location on the map they ask the other students how to go to that location.

6. Wrap Up (5 minutes)

Praise the students for their use of English. Farewell comments.