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Step 1: Log in. log in using the user name and password provided by the PAs

Step 2: Choose the category you want to edit: If you are putting in an Elementary school lesson, click on Elementary School Lessons from the main page. Then on the top right portion of the page you will see an Edit tab. Click on that and it will open up a text editing box.

Step 3: Make a page link for your lesson: In the text editing box, click on where you would like to insert the title of a lesson plan. Note: You should leave a blank line between links lesson titles as this will ensure that your lesson link is featured on a new line of the page. You will see some gray editing buttons at the top-left corner of the text editing box. To make a new page you want to click on the Internal link button which is third from the left (It is a blue Ab ). You will see a double bracketed box appear in the editing box. Type the title of your lesson there and in round brackets include the applicable information of (Grade/Level) (ie. Going Grocery shopping (Grade 5) ) Once you have created this link, click Save page below the text editing box and you can see how your lesson link was saved. If you need to make a change to its title, it is good to do it now. Once you have finalized your link title, you are ready for putting in your lesson.

Step 4: Type in your lesson: You can either start typing into the editing box directly or you can cut and paste text from another document. At the top of your lesson, please include the following information:

Name of Teacher:
Class/Grade/Language Level:
Textbook and specific lesson:
Class time:

Keep in mind that you will need to format your lesson according to wiki style and so the formatting from another word document will not be preserved when you paste it into the wiki editing box. There are are bold and italic, and internal and external link editing buttons above the box which you can use. Other formatting is done with wikitext. You can find further info on it here Help Guide to formatting. You can use a colon ":" to create an indent and an asterisk "*" to create a bullet. Tables can be done but require slightly more complex formatting and you may want to use them sparingly to keep things easier for you. You can also check out other pages to see how they were made if you are unsure. Once you have finished typing in your lesson or just want to check on the formatting, click the Save page button at the bottom and you will be able to see your lesson page.

Step 5: Attaching a handout: In order to attach a handout, you will need to create a Wikimedia Commons account so that you can upload the file to the wiki web land following the rules of copyright. You can check out Wikimedia here: Wikimedia Commons. Once you upload your handout file there, you can link it to your lesson page by creating an external link. If this is too troublesome for you or you need help figuring it out, please contact a Kumamoto Prefectural Advisor and we can help you out.

Good luck! --KumamotoPA (talk) 21:10, 27 October 2013 (CDT)

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