Adjective Simon (ES/JHS)

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Name of Teacher: Todd Hargrave

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES (4-6), JHS

Goal: Review adjectives

Brainstorm with your students for a minute or two about a set of positive adjectives that you can use. Around eight words is probably enough.
For example: strong, cool, cute, great, nice, smart, fun, beautiful

Now teach the kids to say “You are...” with each of the adjectives. Higher level students can use more complex grammar if possible. Other variants include using colors, tastes, etc.

Now the game itself begins: students take turns adding on to the target sentence one word at a time.
Like this:
A: You are strong.
B: You are strong and cool.
A: You are strong, cool, and kind.
B: You are strong, kind, and ARGH!
The game ends when someone screws up the order or can’t remember a word in the chain. It can be done in pairs, groups, or with the whole class for smaller numbers. Allow repetition of words for an extra challenge.